Kuntunaath clothing is timeless

We design silhouettes that transcend trends yet feel forever current. Crafted with modern details, Kuntunaath goes beyond stylish.Kuntunaath is designed for everybody.

For over two years, Kuntunaath has elevated women with its iconic style and exceptional fit.

We believe beauty is defined by strength, not size. That's why we design amazing handmade western and ethno clothing that not only makes you feel good in your own skin.

Every detail is thoughtfully chosen to help women like you celebrate and embrace your unique shape. 

We discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from India; our experienced Indian artisans conjure nothing less than magic with their hands.

Shikha Jain - Founder Kuntunaath

It started with 21 days idea, but suddenly my love and passion for design were created, and I decided I could do business out of it. I have a keen eye for detailing and perfection.

At first, there was only one temporary tailor master, but now we are a family of seven. I am very inspired by nature, especially visually.

Florals and English colors always fascinate me. Our idea is to build individually versatile garments.