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Why Kuntunaath?

Serves Every Curve: Size-Inclusive

Shedding the status quo in fashion, Kunthunaath encourages a style quotient unbound by size limitations. The only clothing that doesn’t make you wriggle to fit in deserves you. Rethink fashion. Rethink bodies. Embrace beauty.

Homegrown: Handmade

Our experienced Indian artisans conjure nothing less than magic with their hands. This boutique supports local talent. Each Kunthunaath dress is an import of love, beauty, and togetherness. Locally made is always the most sustainable!

Made To Fit: Customizable

To further bring inclusivity and a confident aura, our every dress is customizable to make you feel best in your skin and accommodate your style. Never adjust or make do. Add any of your ideas or quirks to our existing outfits.


“We believe in providing homegrown fashion that never makes you feel like you have to adjust. Always placing the planet and people first.”